Meejee is an optimistic teenage Striped Bird who takes care of your creature and appears in the introduction. Like all Striped Birds (except Sage), he lives in the Mushroom Valley.


In the intro, Meejee finds an egg inside of a Blue Meteor. He hatches it, & finds a Sporeling. He offers a fruit to the Sporeling, but It can't eat because It doesn't have a mouth. When You add a mouth to the Sporeling, Meejee lets the Sporeling eat fruits. Later, the Sporeling sees Meejee at the entrance to Ancient Grounds. Meejee tells the Sporeling about the Spikees, & the Red Meteor. Once the Sporeling destroys the red meteor, Meejee lets it in the Ancient Grounds. He introduces the Sporeling to the Sage, standing by the Ancient Guardian. Meejee stands by the entrance to the Moonlit Stoneway, saying that it's too dangerous unless Sporeling has wings. At the end of the game, Meejee stands by the entrance to Creature Beach.